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Dual Pricing or Cash Discounting allows a merchant to offer a discounted price to their customer when they pay with cash instead of credit card. When customers choose to pay in cash, they enjoy a discounted rate, while credit card payments incur a slightly higher fee covering processing costs. This innovative strategy enables merchants to reduce credit card processing fees and foster increased customer loyalty. Our dual pricing program is accessible through specific point-of-sale devices configured to provide both cash and card pricing options.


Merchant Requirements

  • Clearly display credit card and cash prices to comply with signage requirements. Or, if displaying only one price, it must be the price the customer will pay if paying by credit card. You must only reduce the price at the register if the customer pays by cash.
  • Signage must be visible at the door and the register checkout.
  • Display the cash discount amount clearly on receipts.
  • Improve program success by staying up-to-date with costs and market conditions.
  • Stay compliant with local laws and regulations governing dual pricing*.
  • Merchant must utilize an approved POS configured to provide cash and card pricing options.


*Dual pricing may be restricted or limited by local or state laws. This is general information only and is not an exhaustive list of requirements or potential limitations. You should seek legal counsel if you have questions about laws which may impact dual pricing in your community.